Producer , Mixer , Engineer

Neil Dorfsman

"If you are someone like me who appreciates beautiful design combined with technical excellence, these speakers are for you. 

In my studio "The Tool Shed", they have become the "go-to" speaker for checking mixes, balances, and simply enjoying music. 

They sound --- and look--- amazing.    "


Neil Dorfsman

Neil Dorfsman is a producer and mixer/engineer, and a 4 time winner and 2 times nominee of Grammy Award for his internationally recognized works as follows:.

Grammy Award for Best Producer
Sting “Nothing Like the Sun“ Bruce Hornsby “Scenes from the South Side”
Grammy Award for Best Engineer
Dire Straits “Brothers In Arms”
Grammy Award for Best Pop Album
Sting “Brand New Day”
Grammy Nomination for Best Engineer
Dire Straits “Love Over Gold”
Paul McCartney “Flowers In The Dirt”

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