Outstanding Compact Model

The same technologies applied in higher-grade models enable the reproduction of clear and realistic sound that transcends the boundaries of the class. You can mount it on the ceiling or wall without using a dedicated mounting bracket, which allows you to enjoy it in various settings in combination with the angle adjustment function.


Accurate sound reproduction. It is based on our thought that “we want to convey the passion of the artists and recording engineers recorded in audio media without taking any away or adding any of our own."

Our Original Technologies for Accurate Sound

Egg-shaped Form

The egg-shaped, rounded form, which is rigid and has no duplicate identical surface radii, does not hinder the spread of sound waves and controls the effects of diffraction and internal standing waves.

Original Full Range Driver

The driver realizes quick and accurate strokes with its light and rigid diaphragm that has appropriate internal loss as well as being equipped with a powerful magnetic circuit.

Diffusion Stay

The speaker driver is mounted onto a five-pillar stay so as to prevent the vibration of the speaker driver from reaching the enclosure so that unwanted vibrations will be dispersed and absorbed.

Eliminating Vibrations & Acoustic Solutions

Special materials, which eliminate vibrations and are effective for maintaining the airtightness of the enclosure, are used for every contact point in the speaker.

Mass Anchor

A cone-shaped anchor is attached to the back of the driver as a solid support for the high-speed back-and-forth movements of the speaker cone.

Angle Adjustment Function

The angle adjustment function allows you to continuously adjust the speaker angle so that you can optimize the angle for your listening point.