Getting the best performance from your speakers

This speaker sets a new standard for its size and features a lot of the know-how and adjustment options offered by our flagship speaker. It is suitable for many applications: as a standard high quality compact stereo speaker, desktop audio, audio visual/ multichannel and distributed audio.

The type of application will determine the placement to obtain the best performance. If it is being used as quality stereo monitor you will probably need to obtain a suitable stand, unless you are locating the speaker on a cabinet or shelf, we offer a dedicated metal stand 508DMK3 but you may prefer to provide your own stand. If this is the case you need to provide a suitable solid stand that is 65 to 70cm tall, to obtain the best results. Depending on your listening position you will need to fine tune the angle of the speaker, vertical adjustments of -10 to 15 degrees are provided.

Positioning the speaker correctly within your room will offer benefits. For free space use, we would suggest that you start with a distance of some 30cm of free space behind the speaker and then fine-tune the distance until you obtain your preferred balance between the bass output and the depth of stereo image. We would also suggest that you have a minimum distance of 175 to 200cm between the speakers depending on the distance of your seating position.

Despite its compact dimensions this speaker is more than capable of revealing the quality of the accompanying elements in your system. Go for the best source possible whether it be digital or analog. An amplifier of moderate power 15 to 30 watts rms should be sufficient for most rooms, again the quality is of paramount importance.

We would also suggest that you select loudspeaker cable from a recognised manufacturer to ensure quality reproduction; the speaker terminals will accept bare wires or 4mm speaker plugs. To be able to run the cable through the groove in the arm assembly, speaker cable of no more than 7mm diameter should be selected.

This speaker is designed to allow mounting on a ceiling or a wall, for best results we would suggest that you purchase our dedicated fixing kit the CB1 for each speaker.

If this product is ceiling mounted the range of vertical adjustment is between -10 to 75 degrees achieved by moving the pedestal arm to the relevant slot. For wall mounting the range offered is from -20 to 75 degrees.

For detailed information, you can visit the "download" section of our website to obtain a copy of the dedicated product manual.