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Our goal was ‘Accurate reproduction of waveforms’

Comparing an audio device to a camera lens, the ideal one is transparent, to accurately reproduce the original colours (sound).
This ‘transparent lens’ may be translated into ‘impulse response is close to impulse’ as explained in acoustic engineering theory.

Comparing an audio device to a camera lens

Ideal acoustic system

Sound waveform = Integration of impulses

An impulse is a minimum unit of sound. Frequency response, which is the conventional measurement in audio, is just a single piece of acoustic information.
The impulse response, however, contains almost all information such as phase characteristics and time information as well as frequency response.

Impulse responses comparison

Accurate impulse reproduction = Accurate music playback

The diagram below shows a comparison of a recorded waveform and a waveform reproduced by a speaker by overlapping these together. Speaker X has inaccurate impulse response, which causes a delay in the rise and fall time of the output sound, resulting in distortion of sound waveforms. On the contrary, ECLIPSE barely has such a delay, enabling reproduction of sound that is close to the source. This waveform represents movement of air as well as that of the eardrum. The discussion here helps you to understand how essential the accurate reproduction of waveforms is.

Sound waveforms comparison

ECLIPSE technologies
achieve the most accurate impulse reproduction

Egg-shaped Form

Adoption of egg-shaped rounded form that is rigid and has no duplication of identical surface radius, instead of a square-shaped box form, which is one of the causes of sound waveform disturbance. This form controls internal standing waves and gives a diffraction effect along the edge of speaker front panel, enabling more accurate reproduction of a sound waveform.

Original Full Range Driver

The Driver is compact, light, rigid, and uses a diaphragm with appropriate internal loss. In addition, an installed powerful magnetic circuit enables quick and accurate stroke that is hard for a large-aperture speaker to achieve.

Eliminating Vibrations & Acoustic Solutions

Use of special material, which eliminates vibrations and is effective for airtightness of the enclosure, for every contact point of the enclosure, speaker driver, and diffusion stay.

Well Damped Stand

Three spikes and a unique firm structure make the point contacts between the speaker driver and stand. The stand is designed to be thin to prevent interference with sound waveform, and is made with material that is rigid and capable of eliminating natural vibrations.

Diffusion Stay

Adoption of our innovative “Virtual Floating Structure” that mounts the speaker driver onto a five-pillar “Diffusion Stay” in order to prevent unwanted vibrations of the speaker driver from reaching the enclosure.

Mass Anchor

A cone-shaped anchor (Mass Anchor) is attached to the back of the driver as a solid support for high-speed forward and back movement of the speaker driver, achieving the ideal movement of the speaker driver.

Angle Adjustment Function

Continuously adjusting the speaker angle allows you to set the listening point more precisely it also provides more flexibility to adjust speaker setting according to its environment, resulting in more precise reproduction of the original spatial information.

Accurately reproduced sound quickly rises and falls

By accurately reproducing impulse without adding unwanted vibration, the sound becomes more precise and quickly rises and falls, resulting in reproduction of a clean and ‘accurate waveform’.

Then, what’s the difference....?

....You will clearly appreciate the technique of top artists

The ability of artists can be clearly represented by the speed of rise and fall time of sound and accuracy of pitch. ECLIPSE speakers allow you to fully enjoy the essence of an excellent performance such as the sharpness of every note, and the broad spectrum of an expressive performance.

....You will clearly appreciate the excellent sound of an exquisite instrument

When one slams a fully-inflated basketball, it clearly makes a sound like Pow! Pow! This is caused by the acceleration of the air that is compressed by the surface material. The forceful sound of an exquisite instrument such as a Stradivarius or a Steinway, which artists care so much about, is generated primarily by the quick movement of air inside the instrument. In other words, it is not possible to reproduce the real beauty of such an exquisite instrument unless a speaker can move quickly and hold air to reproduce the dramatic rises and falls of the sounds.

ECLIPSE reproduces the passion of artists

Most speakers focus on ‘Frequency response’ including depth at low frequency and expansion of higher frequency. We, however, considered that ‘transient response’ or the rise and fall time of sound was an essential factor in reproducing truly ‘accurate sound.’ Therefore, we have made every effort in the development and enhancement of our speakers by focusing on the accurate reproduction of performance technique and sound that the artists themselves are pursuing. As a result, we have made it possible to reproduce an ‘accurate sound’ that only ECLIPSE can provide, and ECLIPSE offers all of the ‘clarity’ that allows you to clearly hear very low level sound, ‘the capability of spatial reproduction’ that tells you even recorded positioning information and ‘sense of speed’ that reproduces the rhythm of a sharp performance.

Now, it is even possible to reproduce the passion with which the artists performed.
This is the biggest reason why ECLIPSE is so well accepted by world-class musicians and recording engineers.

Here is how you can enjoy

For audio fans:

You can clearly hear the extraordinary technique of artists and engineers and experience a real Hi-Fi (high fidelity) world that reproduces even the surroundings and the atmosphere of the site or recording.

For music creators:

You will understand the quality and property of your work by realizing something new from your own recordings because the speaker can reproduce such subtle distinctions of sound that you will have never noticed before.

For those who use PC and Tablet for education

When learning a language, for example, you can clearly hear delicate movements of tongue and lips, allowing you to effectively sense correct pronunciations and accents.

For musicians:

You can improve your skills by learning top artists’ performances through your ears as the performance is reproduced in detail.

For those who enjoy back-ground music

Hospitality in a living room is improved by a delightful sound coming as if from an instrument, a natural calming sound, and sound reaching every corner of a room but without disturbing conversation.

For those who are becoming hard of hearing:

It will be easier to listen without increasing the volume when connecting to a TV because the speaker provides a noise free sound that is clear even at low level.

Development Concept Movie

A movie introduces the development concept of ECLIPSE’s Home Audio Systems in an easy-to-understand manner along with the waveform reproduction technologies theory that ECLIPSE adopted to achieve the accurate reproduction of sound.

Significant recognition from world-class professionals

Won the highest scores of various awards in Japan
and overseas including United Kingdom where a speaker was born.