Recording Engineer / Record Producer

Al Schmitt

I love the way the TD712zMK2 sounded, and I was just blown away.

We went into the room at AES(Audio Engineering Society) and Hiroshi(Kowaki of ECLIPSE) played something that I recorded and it sounded just the way it did when we recorded it. It sounded great, it was just so true sounding.

The TD-M1’s are in my home. I record at the studio, then when I bring things home I can listen on the TD-M1 and get an idea of where exactly I am between different speakers.

A lot of people I've played them to were impressed by them, they liked them a lot.

The TD-M1's work well with all kinds of music, I think they are very transparent and they work well with everything.

I would recommend to people to check them out. They should listen to them and make their own mind up, whether they work for them or not. I would certainly recommend that people should listen to them.


Al Schmitt

21 Grammy Awards winner.

He has worked with world's famous artists such as Paul McCartney, Ray Charles, George Benson, Toto, Steely Dan, Eric Clapton, Diana Krall, Willie Nelson, Norah Jones and many more.

He was awarded a star on Hollywood's famous walk of fame by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

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