Operation guide for "ECLIPSE TD Remote for Android"

TD Remote for Android is an application enables music streaming and remote-control of your ECLIPSE home audio speaker system, the TD-M1, by using your smart phone

■ Application Features

Connect the TD-M1 and Android device via Wi-Fi to enable wireless controls of the following functions.

  • ・Playback of music stored in your Android device
  • ・Switching between power-on and network-standby, and for adjusting volume
  • ・Functions that cannot be done on the speaker unit, for example, dimmer (LED brightness adjustment) and auto-standby (automatic switching to network standby when there is neither operation nor signal input for a certain period)
    *Network standby refers to the mode where network functions (Wi-Fi) are enabled even when power is Off.
■ Connection Method

Connect your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad to “TD-M1” via Wi-Fi in advance.
You can connect using either the Direct Mode that does not require a Wi-Fi router or the Router Mode that goes through a Wi-Fi router.
*See the user the product manual of for details on the connection method.
->Download Manual

■ Screenshots from the Application
・Setting Screen
  • [Select the play device]
  • 1. Complete settings and display the main screen.
  • 2. Display the menu.
  • 3. Search again for the play device.
  • 4. Any play devices found will be displayed. Tap a play device to connect to it.
  • 5. Screen switch tab: Tap to switch to the settings screen.
  • [Speaker settings]
  • 1. You can set the brightness of the TD-M1's indicator to one of three settings: Bright, Normal, and Dark.
  • 2. You can set the time for auto-standby to one of six settings: 1 min, 3 min, 10 min, 30 min, 60 min, and OFF.
  • 3. You can enable or disable the DAC digital filter.
    * We recommend disabling it, but please switch it to the setting you prefer.
  • 4. This initializes the speaker settings.
  • 5. If there are multiple TD-M1s, you can change which device to connect to.
  • [Application settings]
  • 1. You can select whether to display a welcome screen when starting the application.
  • 2. Displays license information for the open-source software this application is using.
  • 3. Displays the application's version.
・Main Screen
  • [Select music]
  • 1. Displays the settings screen.
  • 2. Category tab: You can sort the music on your device by "genre," "artist," or "album." "Song" displays all the songs of the device.
  • 3. Song list: Displays a list for the searched genre, artist, album, or song.
    Selecting a song title will switch to the player screen and play the music.
  • 4. Screen switch tab: Tap to switch to the main screen.
  • [Player]
  • 1. Displays detailed information about the song.
  • 2. Play time: Displays the play time. You cannot adjust the play time (seeking).
  • 3. You can play a song, stop the music, and change tracks.
  • 4. Lowers the TD-M1's volume.
  • 5. Lowers the TD-M1's volume.
  • 6. Move the knob left and right to adjust the TD-M1's volume.
  • 7. Mutes the TD-M1.
  • [Remote control]
  • 1. Switches between the TD-M1's power on and network standby.
  • 2. Switches the input source to Wi-Fi (AirPlay/Android).
  • 3. Switches the input source to USB B.
  • 4. Switches the input source to USB A.
  • 5. Switches the input source to AUX.
■ Operation check list of Android device
■ Terms of Use

If you download, install, or use the TD Remote for Android, it shall be deemed that you have consented to the following Terms.
->ECLIPSE TD Remote Terms of Use