TD Remote for Android Terms of Use

These Terms shall be applied to all customers who use the TD Remote for Android application (hereinafter, “this Application”) from DENSO Ten Limited (hereinafter, “this Company”).
If you do not consent to these Terms, you shall not use this Application. If you download, install, or use this Application, it shall be deemed that you have consented to these Terms.

Article 1 (Scope of Use)

This Application’s purpose is to provide you with the following function, and you acknowledge that it shall not be used for any other purpose.

(1) Remote control function for ECLIPSE home audio
(2) Wireless streaming for ECLIPSE home audio.

Article 2 (Matters for Compliance)

You shall comply with the following matters in relation to this Application.

(1) Obey these Terms, and this Application’s operating method and cautions determined separately by this Company.

Article 3 (Prohibited Matters)

In the course of using this Application, regardless of whether intentional or negligent, you shall not perform any of the following acts or acts which cause the risk thereof, by yourself or using a third party.

(1) Acts which infringe on the rights of this Company or a third party, including the following:
(a) Acts which discriminate against or defame this Company or a third party or damage the reputation and trust of this Company or a third party through, for example, impersonation
(b) Acts which infringe on the privacy of a third party
(c) Acts which infringe on the intellectual property rights of this Company or a third party
(2) Acts which violate laws or public order and morals, including the following:
(a) Acts which provide information related to the manufacturing, sale, or acquisition of illegal drugs, guns, poison, or explosives, etc.
(b) Acts which are used as methods for crimes such as gambling or obstruction of business
(3) Acts which use this Application for commercial purposes, regardless of whether it is for compensation or not
(4) Other acts which this Company determines to be illegitimate

Article 4 (Violation of the Terms)

1. If you violate the conditions determined in these Terms, this Company may terminate the license hereunder without notifying you in advance.
2. The measure described in the preceding paragraph is this Company’s right, but is not a duty. You shall not request that this Company take this measure against other customers in violation of these Terms.
3. If any damages are incurred by this Company or a third party due to your violation of these Terms, you shall pay compensation for those damages.

Article 5 (Relegation of Copyrights, Etc., and Scope of Use Related to this Application)

1. All rights related to this Application, including intellectual property rights such as copyrights, shall belong to this Company or to a third party who has the appropriate authority.
2. Your right to use this Application is non-exclusive. You shall not allow a third party to use this Application by relicensing, transferring, or by conferring a contractual position.

Article 6 (Guarantee by the Customer)

You guarantee the following matters in regard to using this Application.

(1) You do not live in a country on which an embargo is imposed or which is designated as a state that supports terrorism by the Japan Government or the U.S. Government.
(2) You are not placed on any list of prohibited or restricted groups or persons provided by the Japan Government or the U.S. Government.

Article 7 (Disclaimer)

(1) This Company shall not bear any liability for damages you incur caused by this Application, except in cases caused by this Company’s intent or gross negligence.
(2) This Application is subject to alteration, stoppage, or termination without notification in advance.

Article 8 (Change of Terms)

This Company may change these Terms without notifying you in advance. Said changes will be displayed on the website for computers operated by this Company related to this Application. If you use this Application after a change to these Terms, it will be deemed that you have consented to the Terms after the said change.

Article 9 (Applicable Laws / Competent Court)

1. The laws of Japan shall be applied to these Terms.
2. If litigation becomes necessary between you and this Company in relation to this Application, the Kobe District Court, Japan, shall be the exclusive agreed competent court of first instance.

End of Document