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Product NameTD-M1
ModelWireless Speaker System
Colour Available White / Black
Speaker Unit Full range speaker with 8-cm cone
Method Bass reflex box
Playbacj frequency 70Hz to 30kHz
Rated output 20W(T.H.D: 1%) *When one channel is operating
Maximum output 25W(T.H.D: 10%) *When one channel is operating
Harmonic distortion 0.08%(at 10W output, 1kHz)
S/N ratio 90dB or higher
Resolution 60dB or higher
Input Wi-Fi, USB B(for PC/Mac), USB A(for iPhone/iPod touch), and analog(3.5mm stereo mini)
Input sensitivity 950mVrms(at 20W output)
Input impedance 10kΩ
Power consumption 10W
Standby power(during network standby) 2.7W
Standby power(during standby) 0.5W or less
Weight(pair) About 5.3kg
Accessories Grille x 2, AC adapter x 1,
Power cable x 1, Antenna x 1