Smooth Music at 'Smoothie Time'


Smooth Music at 'Smoothie Time' in Paris Eclipse TD508II speakers chosen for innovative quality sound installation at new 'Urban Oasis' cafe in Paris's Rive Gauche.

- serious Hi-fi speakers used for install
- modern but visible design throughout
- very high quality sound delivered at low volumes

Most restaurant and retail music systems are of poor quality, are played at high levels for the entertainment of the staff and the irritation factor loses business for the retailer.

The owner of Paris's latest fashionable juice bar 'Smoothie Time' wanted something different for his concept of an 'urban oasis.'

The specification was quality music, quality reproduction and speakers that would be clearly seen as a statement in an ultra modern environment.

Eclipse TD508IIs were chosen for their sound quality, their space-age looks and their ability to play at low volumes yet retain all the detail in the music.

Ronan Stenfort, manager of Paris based installer Eclecson KLS is the big fan of Eclipse TD products and privately owns a pair of TD712z in his Paris apartment.

Ronan says 'Eclipse is the only speaker I know which can perform well at low volume. Most speakers are OK at loud volumes, but go flat and lose detail when asked to play quietly.

Customer response has been exceptional, rather than being driven out by lousy music and poor sound, they stay put and order more food.

- sales up in outlet
- sales generated for Eclipse speakers

Additionally Installer Eclecson has sold a number of Eclipse speakers as a result of enquires received from customers of Smoothie Time.

Smoothie Time Paris Rive Gauche
22 av P.Mendes France
75013 Paris